Sanke to Homebrew Conversion Kit with Ball Lock Disconnects

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An easy way to switch between your commercial and homebrew kegs!

This commercial-to-homebrew conversion kit includes two 1/4" MFL tailpieces, beer and gas line MFL ball lock disconnects, a 5/16" and 1/4" barbed swivel nut set (for connecting lines to Converted Sanke and disconnects on gas and beer lines) and two stainless adjustable worm clamps.

To use this kit, take beer and gas lines off of your existing Sanke tap. Remove their tailpieces and replace with the 1/4" MFL tailpieces in kit. Put the 5/16" Swivel nut on your gas line and 1/4" on your beer line.  (You can soften the tubing in hot water to make it easier to insert the swivel nuts into the tubing.)  Then tighten down with worm clamps.

You will now be able to easily switch between the Sanke tap and homebrew disconnects by simply unscrewing the swivel nuts and screwing back on the connection you need.