Brand Story

People ask us all the time about our brand name and what it means.  Well here's a little background for the curious ones out there...

What’s with the name?

“Birdman” is actually the rhyming nickname of the company’s founder, who felt that this was a slightly better choice for a brand name than some of the alternative nicknames suggested by his elementary school pals - Nerdman, Turdman, etc. (If we were big enough to have a Marketing Department, we suspect they would agree.)

What’s the Birdman idea all about?

As we were looking for some inspiration behind the Birdman name, we came across the Birdman tribe that inhabited Easter Island in the South Pacific centuries ago. The story goes like this…Every year in early spring, leadership of Easter Island was determined by the tribesman who could scale down the vertical rock slopes, swim across a stretch of shark-infested waters, and wait there, often for days or weeks, until the nesting Sooty Tern laid an egg. The one who removed the coveted egg from under the indignant mother and successfully completed the same treacherous return trip gained prestige and power as the 'Birdman'.

So in other words, some crazy dudes risked their lives over a freakin’ bird egg. We figure that anyone that nuts is certainly worthy of having a company named in their honor. We like to think that we exhibit this same crazy dedication in our search to bringing homebrewers and craft beer lovers equipment at a price that represents a truly amazing value. In the end, we want to be about Exploring Beer. Cheaper.TM 

About the Logo:

The logo draws upon the carving style of Easter Island’s earliest inhabitants as it depicts two “Birdmen” seated back-to-back holding their most prized possessions. This modern depiction of the Birdman, however, replaces the coveted sooty tern egg with a more contemporary treasure – a pint glass of true craft beer. And if you look just right at the logo - we recommend squinting or perhaps viewing through beer goggles - you’ll swear you see two big bird eyes staring at you, taunting you, as if to say, “Go ahead. Drink another one. I DARE you.”